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The Loring Poem

Hi' I was going thru one of my word processing programs when I ran across this Poem. I figured I'd pass it on for the Website.
All I remember is that this was posted every once in awhile around the squadrons & No-One ever Knew who had written it. It was kind of a Fun piece though. Enjoy !

Loring Frozen2.jpg (550×366)



1959 - 1962

Near the Canadian Border,

Loring is the spot,

Where we are doomed to spend our time,

In the Land that God Forgot.

Up here with the winds and blizzards,

Are we men in blue;

Hundreds of miles from nowhere,

Thousands of miles from you.

We sweat, we freeze, we shiver,

It's more than a man can stand,

We aren't supposed to be convicts,

Just defenders of our land.

We are defenders of our land,

Earning our measley pay;

Guarding our Country's millions,

For two and a half a day.

And when we get to heaven,

You will hear St. Peter yell;

"Fallout you men from Loring,

You've spent your time in Hell!"