In honor of all who have served, we asked the veteran's of Loring AFB to give us a small glimpse into their service to the United States.  What follow's is their record of service to their country, in their words...
"We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude." -Cynthia Ozick

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Baker, John


Home Town:  Cape May, NJ





I enlisted in NJ on 09/14/1954 and I was sent to Sampson AFB  for boot training..  I left Sampson AFB on 09/01,1954 and went to School  in Denver, Co.  I went to Loring AFB after Getting  Married on 08/27/55.. I  was asigned to the  42nd AFB ,42nd A&E fixing  the B-36 and the B-52 gun terrets and I got in 2 years of college with the extension from the U of Me..I also obtained my senior High School senior  credits and this allowed me to go to Temple U. and I graduated with a BS in PHARMACY and have been registered IN Pa. and NJ.since 1968..John E, (Jack) Baker email address is..helenbaker95@gmail,com..Best wishes..Jack 

Bass, Joseph Norman

(June 1964 to July 1986)

Home Town:  Omaha, Nebraska





Grew up and graduated in Woodland, Maine. Basic in Lackland (June 1964). Tech school (Supply) in Amerillo, TX. First base Blytheville, Ark (1964-1968). Loring, Maine (1968-1970)(Lived in Presque Isle housing and 'loved' it). Cross trained from Maint. Scheduling (A&E) to computer Operator at Loring (best job I ever had). U-Tapoe, Thailand (July 1970-July 1971). Loring 'again' (1971-1977). Offutt AFB, Nebraska (1977-1980).Eilson AFB, Fairbanks-Alaska (1980-1983) back to Offutt AFB (1983-1986) Travelled with IG team to ANG Units ocasionally on week-end inspections. Retired SMSgt (E-8) July 1986 and became a Letter Carrier with the USPS for 21 years and retired again. Enjoying "retirement" and traveling via car and motorcycle often. My tour in the U.S. Air Force is one of the "greatest" experiences I could ever imagine!!!

Beers, Arthur

(Aug 28, 1969 - Aug 31, 1989)

Home Town:  Rock Hill, SC





After completing pilot training at Columbus AFB, I was assigned to the 42 Air Refueling Squadron at Loring AFB.  I spent almost 6 years at Loring, the last two in the rated supplement as a Security Police Shift Commander.  After Loring I spent a year remot to Kunsan AB, Korea where I was the Security Police Squadron Operations Officer.  On return to the states I went to Seymour Johnson AFB, NC where I spent 5 1/2 years, the last two of which I was the Chief of Safety for the 68th Bomb Wing/Air Refueling Group.  My last six years were as the Chief of Safety for the 305th Air Refueling Wing at Grissom AFB, IN.

Bloomberg, Lynda


Home Town:  Concord New Hampshire





Loring AFB KC-135A Aircraft Mech Crew Chief

Nellis AFB F-117A Aircraft Mech, Crew Chief

Boomgaarden Larry

(Dec 1960 Dec 1964)

Home Town:  Box Elder, SD





Basic, Keesler AFB and Loring AFB 42 Transportation: Motor Pool. Played in band called Galaxie's at Andys and the Plymouth Hotel mostly. Married Betty Sirois we had three wonderful children. Betty has past away. I'm remarried and I'm a fultime RVer Traveling around the USA.

Susan my present wife is an artist she paints things we see on our travels. She is a wonderful lady a great artist and a wonderful cook. I'm presently dealing with weight because of her great cooking. I forgot she has written a childrens book and everyone that loves farming and family should get one of her books. God speed and good traveling. Larry

I forgot check out Susans web page and blog.

Boot, Robert


Home Town:  Vancouver, WA





Just wanted to say that the best assignment I ever had was from 1989 to 1994 at Loring AFB.  It was cold, but the people who I work with were the warmest and best folks I ever met.  I was assigned to the 42 AREFS, the "Ready, Willing and Able" squadron.

Bossey, Gary

(8/58 to5/60)

Home Town:  Apple Valley, MN





U S Army #rd Missile Bn, Was on base then out to on of the missile sites. Pretty country. Coldest place I have ever been except for my tour of duty in Korea.  Native of N.H.

Boyle, William


Home Town:  Brandon, FL





Robins 1976-1979(B-52G), Hickam 1979-1984(EC-135J), Loring 1984-1988(KC-135A), Shemya 1988-1989(RC-135S), Dyess 1989-1995(KC-135A, B-1B)

Bowman, Clayton

(July 1977 - Sept 1997)

Home Town:  Woodlawn, Virginia





I was an Air Force Security Police/Specialist for 20 years.  Stationed at RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge England ('77-'79),  Loring AFB Maine ('79-'81), Langley AFB Virginia ('81-'88), Shemya AFB Alaska ('88-'89), Plattsburgh AFB New York ('89-95), Minot AFB North Dakota ('95-'97).  I did Temp Duty to Dhaharan Saudia Arabia in 1991 in support of Operation Desert Shield/Storm/Calm in 1991, Istres AB France in support of Operation Deny Flight in 1994 and Al Jabbar AB Kuwait in 1996 after the bombing of the barracks in Saudi Arabia.


Brown  John  B.

(March 1954- Nov 1957)

Home Town:  Troon Ayrshire Scotland





Basic Training at Sampson AFB New York, beautiful part of N.Y State the Finger Lakes.  On flight to Limestone AFB, (now Loring AFB) aircraft had mechanical problem and after landing we took taxicabs to Boston then a train to Presque Isle. Assigned 42 A&E Maint Sq which shared chow hall with Food Service Sq, excellent idea! Great food! After eventually being cleared (Top Secret) I got to work on flight line doing special weapons systems checking. One TDY mission in Oct 55 to England where the Triumph motor cycle story came from!

1956 I was Best Man at a wedding in Caribou to a good friend - 

Joe Zarzecki and Louise; Joe was a Staff Sargeant in K Systems in the 42 A&E building.I had a girlfriend up in Quebec City who was a model and very beautiful.

At one point at Loring I submitted a Management Suggestion and it was adopted and I was to meet Brig. General Martin and I received some sort of award but just meeting the General was award enough.  I kept in touch with him by mail until recently as he is now over 90 and cannot respond anymore.  I cherish a photo I have of me and Gen  Martin in his office and the General signed the picture some years ago and sent it back to me for my album.

I left Loring a Airman 1st class with a totally clean record and many happy memories and friends; some of whom I managed to keep in touch with, especially Doug MC Cabe from Malone N.Y.

Twice I returned to Malone to visit but sadly Doug passed away some time back as did Bob West from Dayton. I am now nearing 80 (next March) and although in fair health am not sure if another trip over is feasible.

Case Ron

(July 1976 to May 2009)

Home Town:  Feedinghill,s MA





Army active duty, Paratrooper Infantry July 1976 to July 1980 station Fort Waimwright AK.

Airforce active duty, May 1982 to December 1993 Crew chief KC135 A/R

Loring Airforce Base caribou Maine.

Airforce Reserves, January 1994 to 2009 Crew Chief C-5 Westover ARB Chicopee MA activated 3 times from 2001 to 2008



Home Town:  Warner Robins GA





Red Horse in Osan Korea 81-82

42 CES 82-84 Loring ME

23 EMS 84-87 England LA

86 EMS 87-93 Ramstien Germany

31 EMS 93-97 Aviano Italy

9 Fighter Squadron 97-01 Holloman NM

Covell, Loyd W

(8/28/1952 - 12/30/1974)

Home Town:  Minden LA





I enlisted in Little Rock AR  8/28/1952. Basic training at Lackland AFB from Aug through Nov. Watch repair school at Abberdine Proving Grounds MD.

Larson AFB Inst. shop Jan. 53 till Aug 54. Ladd AFB inst. shop Aug. 54 thru Aug 58.  Columbus AFB MS FMS inst. shop Aug 58 thru Oct. 62

Loring AFB FMS inst. shop then transfered to AMS Pmel (went to Lowrey AFB PMEL school) Then back to Loring PMEL till  Oct. 66. Barksdale AFB LA till Aug 68. Cam Rahn Bay Pmel till Aug 69. (spent some time at Clark AFB Phillipines PMEL) Back to Barksdale PMEL untill I retired in Dec. 1974.

 I retired because of disability so I have been unable to do much any kind of work except keeping up my place with a lot of help from my family. My place concists of 70 acres in NW Louisiana. My wife died in 1990. I have 4 children that lives near me


Roy G Dahlstrom

(1957 - 1961)

Home Town:  Sterling, MA





I joined the Air Force with a close buddy of mine using the "alleged" buddy system.  That meant we would serve four years together.  Well, after our 11 weeks at Lackland I went to Loring AFB in Limestone, Maine and he went to March AFB in Riverside, California.  So much for the buddy system.

I served about 18 months at Loring AFB.  Cold?  You bet it was.  As I recall we probably had a couple of months of warm summer weather.  I worked in the 42nd Field Maintenance Squadron (FMS) as a clerk typist.  At that time my AFSC was 70210.  The bottom of the heap.  I spent about 18 months there and was then reasigned to Bergstrom AFB in Austin, Texas.  Boy, did I love that.  I was assigned to the Base Intelligence Squadron and worked in the adminstrative office sharing an office with a Lt. Colonel.  I will never forget him.  His name was Col. Lawson and I loved him.  I obtained a cryptic top secret clearance and I really felt like a big shot.  I also finally obtained my second stripe thanks to Col. Lawson.

After only about 6 months at Bergstrom, I was reassigned to Nouasseaur AB in Morocco, North Africa.  That's where I got my AFSC 70250 and worked as the Adminstrative Specialist in Vehicle Maintenance.  I obtained many "connections" there and was able to get hops to Germany, Spain, England and Italy. Of course I got to see everything in Morocco West of the Atlas Mountains.  Nouasseur was situated about 10 miles from Casablanca.  I spent a lot of time in that city.  I absolutely loved that assingment.

  I also made a lot of good friends in Morocco as I did throughout my four years in the Air Force.  I have no regrets and am very proud that I was able to serve my country in the small way I did.

From Morocco I returned to the good old USA and obtained my honorable separation in Charlston, SC on June 31, 1961.

May God Bless all the active service men and women today and all the veterans of yesterday.

Thank you for the opportunity to tell you my story.

Roy G. Dahlstrom

USAF Veteran


DeBoer, David

(1974 - 1994)

Home Town:  Hudsonville, MI





Loring AFB         1975-1978

Plattsburgh AFB  1978-1981

K.I.Sawyer AFB   1981-1989

Barksdale AFB     1989-1994

DiAntonio, Robert


Home Town:  Malvern, Pa





Basic at Sheppard AFB, NY, 1952-1953

Kunsan Air Base, Kunsan, S. Korea, 1953

Amarillo AFB, TX, 1953-1957

USAFA Colorado Springs, CO, 1957-1953

Hellenikon Air Base, Athens, Greece, 1963-1966

Minot AFB, Minot, ND, 1966-1970

Koran RTAFB, Thailand, 1970-1971

Udorn RTAFB, Thailand, 1971-1971

Loring AFB, Limestone, ME, 1971-1973

Retired from active duty 1973 to hometown of Paoli, PA.

Dunphy, Elmore (Ed)

(Oct 1952 - Sept 1977)

Home Town:  Houlton, ME





I'm posting this for Dad. He passed away in April 1997 aged 64 in Sydney Australia & I came into possession of his Military file, I'm still getting it in order. I can see he was stationed at bases including:

Whitman, Osan AB Korea, FE Warren, Barksdale, KI Sawyer, Malstrom, Loring (1960's), RAF Wethersfield (where I was born), Altus Ok, Sheppard Tx then to Phan Rang AB & Da Nang AB Vietnam (72-73), then to Loring in March 73. (He had the option of SMSgt & Korea again) but decided to retired in Sept 1977 as a MSgt to Australia . I know he went over seas 69-70 but not sure where. At retirement dad was NCOIC Procedures & Standardization 42nd Supply Sq. Proud of dad & miss him a lot, Kevin Dunphy. 

Forman, Jerry

(Oct 1955 - Oct 1959)

Home Town:  Berkeley, CA





Corpsman training school, Balboa Naval Hospital, San Diego, California (six months). Assigned entire time to Loring AFB, 811th Medical Hospital. Served in multiple medical capacities and spent last year and a half as NCOIC of Base Dispensary.  On a base of 5000 military, we were never lacking for work e.g. daily sick call with physicians, immunizations, emergency medical treatment, hearing tests, etc.

Garbinski, John

(1979 - 2001)

Home Town:  Cherry Hill, New Jersey





Happy Veterans Day!  I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force after graduating from Central Bucks West High School, Doyelstown, PA.  After BMTS at Lackland, I was sent to Jet Engine Tech School at Chanute AFB.  My first assignment was with the 380th FMS, PLattsburgh AFB, NY.  I worked on jet engines for FB-111 Bombers and KC-135A tankers from 1979-1983.  In 1983, I re-trained and became an OJT Manager.  I was an OJT Manager at Plattburgh with the 380th FMS, and OMS until reassigned to Loring AFB, ME in 1984. I was the Base Training Manager and Security Police Training Manager at Loring AFB until July 1985 when I was honorably discharged.

I returned to the Air Force in 1986 and served at Plattsburgh AFB, NY with the 380th Security Police Squadron as their UTM.  I was later re-assigned to Loring AFB again in 1987 and again served as the Base Training Manager.  In 1988, I transferred to the Maine Air National Guard in Bangor, and re-trained again to become a Security Policeman.  I served as an Active Guard Reserve (AGR) until 2001 when I retired from the Maine Air National Guard (Active Duty Retirement).  My total service was 22 years.  I was hired by the INS in 2002, and became an Immigration Inspector at the Northern Border (Derbyline, VT) and later at Fort Fairfield, ME.  After the INS was abolished and became the Department of Homeland Security, I transferred to New Jersey as an Immigration Officer.  My favorite assignment throughout all of my different careers was Northern Maine / Loring.

Gonzalez, Jose M

(01/20/84 - 06/15/92)

Home Town:  Mayaguez, PR





1984 - 1988 - Whiteman AFB, MO - Missile Combat Crew Commander - ICBM - Minuteman II

1988 - 1992 - Loring AFB, ME - Command Post Controller

Gildzyn, James


Home Town:  Rocky River, Oh





Basic at Lackland. Tech school at Lowry AFB Co. Photo Eguip. Maint.

Loring June '61.  42nd A&E.  B52 camera.  Transferred to 42 Ops, Photo Lab.

42nd Ops was shut down in Oct. '61.  Assgn. to Hq. Sq. 42nd Wing.

Worked at the Base Photo Lab as a photographer and photo equip. maint.

Played in a band at the Outpost (drums) until I left the A.F. and Loring

in July of '64.

Given the chance I would do it all again.

Gill John


Home Town:  Dover De.





Went to Lackland Sept. 1979,Chanute Ill. Oct.79-Jan.-1980. Arrived at Loring Feb. of 1980 lived in Caswell houseing. Moved on base in 1981 to Meehan street and from there moved to Wyoming circle. My daughter was born in the old hospital at Loring and my son was born in Washington D.C. my wife was Med-evac out of Loring for medical complications. I was a Jet troop in 42 FMS, worked in the Jet shop, Phase dockes in the Arch hanger, and at Test Cell by the "Upper Pea Patch" aircraft parking area. I left Loring in Dec. of 1984 went to Dover AFB in Delaware where I retired and am still working as a Contractor on the C-5.

Guertin, Donald

(Dec 1950 - Dec 1954)

Home Town:  Belle Plaine, Mn.





I was stationed at Ellsworth AFB in the instrument shop, and got elected to go to Loring AFB to help set the new instrument shop as the base was reactivated. I left there in Dec of 1954 as my time was up.                


Guirey, Thomas J.


Home Town:  Sterling Heights, MI.





After Lackland, I went to Chanute AFB in Illinois. I went to Ground Power school from 10/59 to 04/60. My first permanent duty station was at our beloved Loring AFB. In August 1961 I got the opportunity to cross-train and attend Intigrated Weapons Systems Training (missiles) at the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, AL. I became a launch crew member for the Jupiter Missile System. In Nov. 1961 I transferred overseas to Cigli Air Base near Izmir, Turkey. I was on a mountain top at Launch Position 1 when the Cuban Missile Crisis occured. Because of the terms of the Cuban Missile crisis, we were ordered to stand down on Easter Morning in April 1963. We removed the warheads, dismantled the missiles and returned stateside in May 1963. I was discharged at that time as I didn't have enough time left in my enlistment to reassign. I returned to Michigan as a civilian the day before my moms birthday in May 1963.


Harrington Peter


Home Town:  Wilmington, NC





Air Force-42nd AP Sq. 1953-1956

US Army1959-1987..... Last Assignment 89th MP Brigade MOB DES. Provost Marshal Ft Hood Texas

Holmberg, Brian


Home Town:  Middletown, Delaware





Stationed at loring AFB from 1986-1990. Was a jet engine mechanic working in phased inspection. Later I was in the Air Force Reserves from 1992-1997. Stationed at Dover AFB working in the jet shop.

Howland, Bob

(Dec. 1964- Dec. 1966)

Home Town:  Elmira, New York





Assigned to 42nd FMS Fabrication (Sheet Metal & Fiberglass) I'll never forget my first day. I was told to put Tech school out of my mind and let us teach you the right way, the SAC way to do things. I was indocrinated into the TCTO's ways of doing things. My first weekend was spent on  changing a fiberglass wing panel on old 498. By the end of that weekend, I knew how to remove "jo-bolts" with my eyes closed, and fell in love with my first B52. It seemed like everytime this old bird took off, meant 400 or 500 rivets to be replaced. I finally got curious and found out that this "Heavie" was used to try things that no other bomber in the fleet was subjected to, deep nose dives included. This explained the popped rivets and it also explained the unfamiliar and "extra" rigging cables on most of the control surfaces. She had a whole lot of backup systems within her structure. I heard the old girl ended up in the "boneyard" at Davis Monthan.

I remember all my dorm mates and me going to the Limestone carnival and losing money on the rigged games until one of the guys from Alaska (a really big innuit dude), got wise to what was happening and grabbed the consessioner by the shirt collar and persuaded him to give him the huge Teddy Bear in the prize section or he would re-arrange his appearance.(John had just lost about $60.00 on this ring toss game) That Big Teddy Bear looked real good in Johns' room.

On the way home from the carnival, we stopped at Pal's drive in to eat and the car-hop told John how cute that bear in the back seat was and she wished she had it. John told her that she couldn't screw him enough to get that bear away from him. He was very serious when he said it and she never said another word.

I was there to witness the crashes of a tanker, in Fort Fairfield and the F105 on the runway by the Radar shack.

Lake Malabeam was great in the summertime and so were the races in Moncton, Canada. A bunch of us were always at the Hobby Shop working on our cars for the Moncton races. I don't remember if there weere many trophies won, but it was sure fun trying.

Loring was what you made it. I enjoyed it, both work and play.

I remember my last day there, kind of sad to leave but I got out 2 days before Christmas in 1966 and didn't tell my folks. I rented a brand new 1967 Ford Galaxie convertible at my home airport and drove home. It was a real surprise for my family when I showed up unannounced.

I got married in 1967, went to college, moved to West Grove,Pa., joined the USAFR in 1975 and was stationed in MAC at Dover,De., got out in 1983 as TSgt.

I have been in Aviation as an airframe specialist until I retired in 2008.  I moved back here to Elmira, NY in 2010 and just got laid off from Sikorsky Helicopter 2 months ago. I think it's time to live a little now. My wife and me are celebrating 44 years of marriage this December 30th. We lost 1 child and never had another. We are active in our church and plan to spend the rest of our days enjoying the people around us.

                                  Bob Howland - Loring - 1964 - 1966

Howland Frank

(July 1951 to 1955)

Home Town: 





After training and schooling I served 3 years over in England during the Korean War. I was assigned to a motor vehicle group. I was put through a top secret clearance and assigned to a top secret mapping project. I flew all over Europe, Middle East and Scandinavia. Upon my return to the U.S. I was bumped up to a Q-clearance ( highest secret clearance) and assigned to the 3080th group in Caribou, Me. We were responsible for the maintenance  and secure movement of Hydrogen bombs to the B36 bombers at Limestone Air Force base (renamed Loring Air Force base, now closed) Because of my training I had to do 10 years in the Air Force reserve.

Hughes, Tom

(1968 - 1972)

Home Town:  Milford, Ct





Stationed at Loring AFB from 1969-1972

42 OMS . B52 Crew Chief

Short TDY to Guam in 1972

Good Times.


Ingham, Raymond

(1977-1980, 1983-2001)

Home Town:  Sumter, SC





United States Air Force, served at Loring AFB (1977-1980), Castle AFB (1983-1985), Griffiss AFB (1985-1986, 1989-1993), Molesworth UK (1987-1989), Shaw AFB (1993-1997), and Vogelweh, German (1997-2000).  I worked nuclear Missile Systems, B-52 Nuclear Weapons Release, Ground Launch Cruise Missile (UK), and Network Administration.  The highlight of my career was involvement with the certification of Molesworth, UK and the subsequent signing of the Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty that it resulted in, including the inspection of Molesworth by Russia.  I retired from the Air Force in 2001.

Johndro, Cuppy


Home Town:  Caribou, Maine





I was assigned to the Big Willie, Wilford Hall Medical Center in San Antonio Texas just after my initial training and Basic. I met and married my husband, MSGT Terry A. Johndro. We loved living in Texas and made many friends that we have kept in touch with. I was then shipped to Loring AFB Maine and he followed 8 months later. Loring was an amazing base and here we had our kids. I got out in 1989 and was reactivated for Desert Storm, Desert Shield. I was shipped back to Texas for inprocessing only to find out I was pregnant with my second child, so I served from there. I caught up with many friends there and really enjoyed by time in service. My only regret was getting out of the military, because they were going to seperate my spouse and I and our kids did not sign up for that. So I took the out and my spouse stayed in, serving 20 years. We had an amazing career and adventure.

Kiersznowski, David


Home Town:  Middletown, Delaware





Lackland TX, Sheppard TX, McGuire NJ, McChord WA, Hurlburt FL, Nha Trang RVN, DaNang RVN, Columbus Miss., Vandenburg CA, Lajes Field Azores, Tan Son Nhut, Phan Rang RVN, DaNang RVN, Phan Rang RVN, Tan Son Nhut, Westover MA Aircraft Propeller Mechanic;  Lowery CO, Westover MA, Whiteman MO, Loring ME, AFNORTH Kolsas Norway, Davis-Monthan AZ Disaster Preparedness Technician

Lance Mark


Home Town:  Gilmanton New Hampshire





I did basic and SP training at Lackland sept-dec 71. My first duty station was at Bagor Int. Airport ADC 83rd Fighter Int. squadron Jan-Aug 1972. I than went to Loring 42nd SPS. After spending one long cold winter and a nice but short summer and if I remember right one failed ORI I left Loring in Oct of 73 and pc,d to RAF Bentwaters. The 81st SPS I was there for two years ending my time in the AF Sept 1975. My wife and I went back to visit Loring in july of 07 the first time I made it back in 35 years. Alot had changed alot was gone. the thing I couldn't get out of my head was how quiet it was.


Landers Rosalind


Home Town:  Wakefield





I started out as a Surgical Tech. @ Loring AFB, ME, then on to flying Areovac both at Westover AFB, MA &  Scott AFB IL, Then Off to Shemya AK as and IDMT,[Independent Duty medical Technician] Which means I got to play Dr.  Them back to the lower 48 to Spend a fun filled yr at Malmstrome AFB, MT..... Then off to Hanscom AFB, MA where I ended my career.   Oh I was NCOIC of the Acute Care Clinic :((  It was all good.... Well most of it anyways!


(14 jan 55 to 13 sep 59)

Home Town:  cleveland,ohio





basic at sampson(flt4089),loring afb,55 to 59. tdy to loweryafb,westover,

pease afb.assigned to 42nd ops at loring,base photo lab. loring was still

being built when i arrived.


Mogle, George R.


Home Town:  Chamberdburg Pa





After basic, Lowry AFB for Tech School. Arrived Loring in March of 71. AMS Sqdn, Bomb Nav Shop.  Early 72 went to Chanute AFB  to cross train into SRAM (Short Range Attack Missle) returned to Loring, assigned to MMS sqdn, IMF (Integrated Maint Facility),VACE Shop. Loring was 1st wing in USAF to activate SRAM.  Left Loring in Nov. 72 and went to Pease AFB  N.H. Helped activate SRAM there.  BTW, had line number for Ssgt, effective date 1 April 1974.  Early out came along and if not reenlisting I had to be out by 31 March 1974.  Really hated not getting to sew on that strip.  But, that being to case, I opted to get out the middle of March.  I guess it was April Fools on  me!!!!!

Morris, Jerry

(6-73 to 7-85)

Home Town:  st.louis,mo





Whiteman 73-75.Tanager Greece 75-76. Little Rock 76-78.78-80 Anderson Guam.80-82 Loring.82-83 Turkey. 83-85 Whitman. Security police SPS not law enforcement. Greece and Guam were the best two tours.

Parrish, Glenn


Home Town:  Sherman, Tx





I was assigned to FMS & worked on control surfaces for the most part but spent some time in the tire shop.  After tech school at Wichita Falls, Texas, I was stationed at March AFB in California.  We went TDY to Norton AFB in California as well as Brize Norton in England.  Shortly after returning from England, I was transferred to Loring in 1954.  In the fall of 1955, I went TDY to Thule Greenland and that was really an experience!  In the early part of 1956, I met a beautiful lady who became my life partner and we are still married since 1957.  I really cherish the 4 years I served in the USAF.  After my release I became involved in professionally marketing insurance and real estate and still own a few properties here in Texas.


(10/65 to 10/69)

Home Town:  Chase





Basic at Lackland and Gunter, tech school at Gunter also.

First assignment Loring, ME. Second (last) duty station Helenikon Airport, Greece.

Robinson, Robert

(4/1/1971 - 6/30/1992)

Home Town:  Pennsburg, PA





Lackland AFB, TX - BT

Sheppard AFB, TX 6/1971- tech School  316xoF  8 months

Lake Texoma AF Rec area - Spent 1 month Temp duty waiting for school to start.

Vandenburg AFB, CA 3/1972 - Missile combat Crew Training- 6 wks

McConnell AFB, KS 5/1972 - 532nd SMS - Titan II Launch crew. BMAT

Chanute AFB, IL  8/1978 - Tech School 316x0T SRAM

Loring AFB, Maine 3/1979 - 42 MMS ASCO -

Davis Monathan AFB, AZ  3/1989 Tech School  GLCM

RAF Greenham Common AB, UK 6/1989- 501 TMMS -

Wurtsmith AFB, Mi - 1/1991 379th MMS

Watched the alert force go off alert, the Russians quit, SAC was gone!!! so I retired.  6/1992!!

Sampiere,Salvatore J

(Dec 28 1959 - June 23 1963)

Home Town:  Derby, Conn





Lackland, Amarillo, Limestone, Me and last McKinley, Bermuda. I was in F.M.S. Enjoyed my tour and all my friends. I think every one should do at least one tour. Whether it be U.S.A.F., U.S.A, U.S.N, U.S.M.C., C.G or any other service.


Schilling, Frederick


Home Town:  Pompano Beach, Fl.





1. Lackland Air Force Base Texas

2. Point Mugu Naval Air Station w /Plumbing School @ Port Hueneme Cal.

3. Andrews Air Force Base Md.

4. Osan Air Base South Korea

5. Loring Air Force Base Maine

Age 18 through 22   Was a great experience!!!


(1960-64, & 1974-2009)

Home Town:  New York





Served in the USAF/1960-1964 Loring AFB,Me. & Anderson AFB ME,Other base's 1974-2009 ,Hurbert Field Fla, Charleston AFB, Aviano AB, Stewart AB,N.Y.....Air Police, Security Police & Security Forces.  Retired as E-9.

Stelling, John R.


Home Town:  Oneonta, New York





Basic training Sampson AFB NY until Jan 21, 1954. From there I went to Chanute AFB, Ill and graduated in the first all jet engine maintenance class.  My first permanent station was Langley AFB, Va.  Stayed there until my enlistment was completed.  Stayed out of the Air Force for 84 days and renlisted to Homestead AFB,Fl. (18 months).  My next assignment was Loring AFB, ME Sept 1959-Mar 1965.  While there at Loring I worked outside on B-52's & KC-135's, troubleshooting and repairing jet engine regardless of the weather.  From Loring I went to Beale AFB,Ca. (I was married on the way to Ca.)  From Beale I went to CCK, Taiwan for 13 months where I worked on T56 Turbo Prop engines for the C130 aircraft, mostly working in the test cell facility.  From there I went to McGuire AFB ,NJ and stayed there until I retired Jan 30, 1974.  I worked the supply room for T56 engine shop and then worked on C141 aircraft in the maintenance docks and then the flight line maintenance shop troubleshooting and repairing the jet engines.

After the service I finished my college degrees in Education and was fortunate to teach at the Community College and Technical College level for the next twenty years from which I retired in 1997.  My wife and I have two children,one male & one female, plus five grand children all healthy. God Bless all the military and their families.

Teixeira, Ed

(Nov 65  March 69)

Home Town:  Sardinia Ohio





I was a ACW Radar Tech stationed Caswell Maine and Empire Michigan.

Veno, Jerry

(Nov 10. 1970 - Nov 9, 1976)

Home Town:  Glendale, AZ





Spent a total of 6 years in the Air Force, 1970-1976.  After going through POL tech school in Chanute, I went to Clark in the Philippines from Apr. '71 to July '72. While at Clark, I was assigned to the Fuels Storage Tank Farm, aka as Hill Storage. 

My next stop was Loring, from August, '72 to Sept '73.  Mainly drove fuel trucks and ran hose carts pumping gas onto the B-52's and KC 135's on the evening shift.

Went back to Clark for another tour, Oct '73 to Oct '75.  Was assigned to Hill Storage once again.

From there, I went to Pease in NH from Nov '75 until my discharge in Nov '76.  I was in charge of the Refueling vehicles maintenance department while at Pease. 

I chose to leave the Air Force, and since I was born and raised in Dover, NH, just north of Pease, the transition back to civilian life was very easy.

Wolfe, Dee


Home Town:  Rock Island, Ill





I started my career at Loring AFB, ME as a personnelist at the 42 OMS/69 BMS (1989-1994).   When Loring closed, we moved to Wright-Patterson AFB, OH where I worked in the CSS and MPF (1994-1998).  From WP we moved to Stuttgart, Germany where I worked in Retirement/Separations, Reenlistments, and Employments (1998-2001).  From Stuttgart we moved to Randolph AFB, TX where I ran the Reenlistments Office (2001-2005).  Our last assignment was back at WP where I worked  Officer Promotion and Acquisition at the MAJCOM (2005-2008).  I was in personnel my entire career.   I retired 31 Oct 08 and was offered a position as a civilian at Arnold AFB, TN.  I keep saying we because my husband was active duty and we traveled to all of these places together.


Wolfe, Shawn


Home Town:  Camptown, PA





I started my career at Loring AFB, ME as a B-52G Comm Nav Specialist (1989-1994).  After deploying to Diego Garcia for Desert Shield/Storm, I retrained into Personnel.  When Loring closed, we moved to Wright-Patterson AFB, OH where I worked in the CSS and MPF (1994-1998).  From WP we moved to Stuttgart, Germany where I worked in the CSS and spent 4 months and HQ EUCOM (1998-2001).  From Stuttgart we moved to Randolph AFB, TX where I worked in Assignments (2001-2005).  Our last assignment was back at WP where I worked Enlisted Assignments at the MAJCOM (2005-2008).  I retired 31 Oct 08 and was offered a position as a civilian at Arnold AFB, TN.  I keep saying we because my wife was active duty and we traveled to all of these places together (except for Diego).




Home Town:  Buxton,Maine





After basic training at Lackland and than Tech school at Amarillo AFB was stationed at Loring AFB SAC command 42nd OMS.Just seemed like i was setteling in and comfortable working on the B-52's.Than in Dec.1962 recieved orders to report to the 1501st MATS at Travis AFB in california.So crossed traind over from B52's to C-130's.Started out working in the inspection docks.was promoted to A1C assigned to a C-130 as assist.crew chief and had the wonderfull oppertunity to TDY to New Zealand and the South Pole for operation deep freeze.In 1965 i decided not to reinlist which i have regreted ever since.

Richard P Wright


Home Town:  Highlands Ranch, Co





Began my career on a mountain top in Turkey as a Radio Relay journeyman. After a 3 year tour at Loring AFB ME, I spent 4 years at Osan AB S. Korea. Then a 4 year stint at Keesler AFB, Ms and 4 years at Ramstien AB Ge. and the last year in FE Warren Wy. I was lucky enough to work in the same career field for my entire 20 years in the USAF. I worked on Long Haul Communication, Digital Security System and Mobile Comm.