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Added 06-13 Sept 2010

posted Sep 6, 2010, 6:55 AM by Loring Remembers   [ updated Sep 11, 2010, 3:35 AM ]
Added 11 Sept - Cornell, Franklin (1974-1978), ??..........
Added 10 Sept - Whealton, Gerald (1962-1965), AEMS..........
Added 06 Sept - SIOP-62 working documents.  Formerly Top Secret documents detailing the planning of the first Single Integrated Operational Plan that detailed SAC's philosophy of war.  Released in 1962, it was the "MAD" (Mutally Assured Destruction) scenario.  Here are a number of formerly highly classified memo's and letters between the JCS, planning groups, and the Eisenhower administration on formulating this plan.

Added 06 Sept - Comment by Roy Dahlstram
What a fantastic site this is. It gives us old guys a chance to remember some good, and bad, times at Loring AFB. Many many kudos to all concerned in bringing this site to us.

Does anyone remember MSGT Frederick E. Wetherell? He was the First Sergeant in the 42nd Field Maintenance Squadron. I worked in the orderly room and his office was directly in front of my desk. I'm just wondering if he is still with us. If anyone remembers him or anyone else in FMS from 1957 to 1959 please contact me.

Thanks so much and keep up the good work in maintaining this site.

Roy Dahlstrom

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9/6/2010 9:47:07 / Dahlstrom, Roy (rdahlstrom@aol.com)

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