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Added 07 - 13 Nov 2011

posted Nov 7, 2011, 4:13 PM by Raymond Ingham   [ updated Nov 13, 2011, 7:56 AM ]
In honor of Veteran's Day, we asked Loring Veterans to tell us about their military career. 
View the stories of our fellow veteran's HERE
If you wish to submit your service record, please fill out our questionaire, the results of which will be presented here on 11.11.11.  Thank you for your service!

Added pictures to *Aiello, Tony (1957-1958):

Loring Hospital Medical and Administrative Staff circa 1957/58 courtesy of
Dr. and Mrs. Rudy Vernie (This photo is on 
*Forman, Jerry (1956-1959))

From "Strategic Air Warfare"; an interview with General Curtis Lemay:

(08 Nov) - Added photo to *Brown, John B. (1954-1957):
Airman 2nd class John B. Brown meeting Brig Gen. Wm K. Martin (Loring Commanding General)

I Had submitted a Management Suggestion re a redesign of a roadway which I had considered dangerous and the General liked my idea and I was hauled before him to receive an award. Many years later I sent the picture to the General and he kindly autographed it and sent it back to me in Scotland. It was a great honor to meet with our Base Commander and serve in the USAF. 

(12 Nov) - Added Mitchell, Ed "Moose" (1978-1980) ADM-20C shop
(11 Nov) - Added Woodsome, John (1961-1963), OMS
(7 Nov) - Added Leggon, Richard (1955-1959), OSS
(7 Nov) - Added Vess, Donald L. (1959-1963), 27 FIS
(7 Nov) - Added Veno, Jerry (1972-1973), Supply (POL)