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Added 12 - 18 Mar 2012

posted Mar 11, 2012, 4:22 PM by Raymond Ingham   [ updated Mar 18, 2012, 4:01 PM ]
Special notice:  After consideration, I have decided to stop updating the Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Google+ page with new additions.  This site is a personal project, devoted to all of you; however, it is just me maintaining it.  As such, updating 4 different parts of the internet has become too cumbersome.  I will place a post on each of the above, asking them to visit this site.  We only saw an increase of less than 1% activity on this site due to Facebook, and frankly, it was not worth it...thank you again for all that check this site for activity, and I promise it will always remain a site free from advertisements or anything commercial!
Raymond Ingham (1977-1980)
(18 Mar) - Added Busse, Bill (1970-1974), FMS (Machine Shop)
(16 Mar) - Added Crammer, Theresa A. (1970-1971), Supply 
(15 Mar) - Added Bryant, Tom (1973-1985), Supply
(13 Mar) - Added Maxwell, George (1969-1972), AMS
(12 Mar) - Added Runyan, Mike (1978-1981), 407/42 ARS
(12 Mar) - Added Bruner, Dave (1987-1993), FMS
(12 Mar) - Added Gearinger, Neal (1973-1976), MMS
(12 Mar) - Added Boyer, Richard E (1953-1954), Radio Mechanic
(12 Mar) - Thanks to Garbinski, John (1984-1988) for the following: