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Added 18-24 Oct 2010

posted Oct 19, 2010, 6:29 PM by Loring Remembers   [ updated Oct 24, 2010, 5:15 PM ]
Picture of the Week:
The FIRST prototype of the "B-52 bomber"
You can read about the development of Jet Propulsion and  the B-52 HERE

(24 Oct) - Added Shallo, Gerald (1961-1963), CDS
(24 Oct) - Added Lane, Patrick (1983-1989), 407 AREFS
(23 Oct) - Added Liebman, Bob (1988-1990), 69BS
(23 Oct) - Added Tavares, Ernie (1988-1991), 69BS
(19 Oct) - Added The history of the B-36 Bomber (5 videos)
--Outstanding 1-hr documentary on the original need for, design, development, and deployment of the B-36 bomber.  Includes footages of the original model, with footage of the parasite fighter model, and also includes footage showing the inside crew compartments.  Look carefully, you will see a Loring B-36!  All 5 videos will play in sequence...When you go to link, scroll down to the documentary.