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Added 21-27 Nov 2011

posted Nov 21, 2011, 11:28 AM by Raymond Ingham   [ updated Nov 27, 2011, 2:03 PM ]
Veterans Interview Questionaire:  Note from Webmaster:  I have pubished this short interview form for Ms. Fagan's seminar paper she is writing on the Cold War.  Participation is strictly voluntary, and if you wish to contact her you can request it through me (Loringremembers@raican.net).  I will then let her know and she will contact  you directly.  Thank you for helping spread the story of Loring AFB and it's veteran's...
Raymond Ingham (1977-1980)

From the webmaster:  About once a week I will be posting a recipe from a site I developed for healthy living.  As we all get a little older, it is important that we take care of ourselves (least that's my way of thinking).  Please let me know if you like the recipe, and of course, as always, there are no solicitations or commercials on the other site, as well...
This week's healthy recipe:  Eggplant Gyro - If you've never cared for vegetarian, you have to try this one.  The flavor will knock you out of your socks!

(27 Nov) - Added Devine, David (1979-1986), SPS, Supply
(27 Nov) - Added *Foster, Diane (1977-1980), CSG
(27 Nov) - Added Osborn, Alan (1982-1989), OMS
(27 Nov) - Added Konieczko, John (1974-1978), SPS
(26 Nov) - Added Nelson, Connie (1968-closing), Dep
(26 Nov) - Added Hendrix, George L. (1966-1970), AMMS
(26 Nov) - Added Sekula II, John (1982-1994), OMS 
(23 Nov) - Added Lind, Eric (1982-1984), CSG
(22 Nov) - Added Brown, Rick (1985-1988), OMS
Picture of the week:
Wright, Garth (1964-1968) - Recipient of the Air Force Cross

(22 Nov) - Added story about Loring winning "Best in SAC" for 1977:
(click newspaper to read article)

(21 Nov) - updated profile for Howland, Bob (1964-1966)