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Added 24 - 30 Oct 2011

posted Oct 27, 2011, 4:42 PM by Raymond Ingham   [ updated Oct 29, 2011, 4:24 AM ]

The Loring Military Heritage Center would like to have a reunion for anyone Loring related. If your interested please let us know. More info on this to come. We were thinking a BBQ one afternoon and then a dinner on the base at Whispering PInes, or the old NCO club with a DJ. We would do a reserve your reservation with a nonrefundable deposit. That way we would have a head count. Possible that it will be Labor Day 2012!

One of our new members, D'Amario, Alfred J. (1964-1966) has given me permission to tell all our members of a historical event he was a part of; that is the 1968 Thule, Greenland B-52 crash that involved nuclear weapons...He was one of the pilot's on that flight, and one of 6 survivors. Please view his profile if you haven't already...I will be posting info on a book that tells HIS side of the event soon...if you don't know about the crash, view a story about it HERE.

(29 Oct)  - Added Altstock, Randy (1977-1980), 69 BMS
(27 Oct) - Added Facebook Loring Remembers Group for members...
(27 Oct) - Added Wolfe, Shawn (1989-1994), AMS/OMS/69 BMS
(27 Oct) - Added Wolfe, Dee (1989-1994), OMS/69 BMS
(27 Oct) - Added Gough, Richard P. (1963-1965), Supply
(27 Oct) - Added Anzzalone, John (1966-1969), 27 FIS