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Special note

posted Oct 22, 2013, 5:30 PM by Raymond Ingham   [ updated Oct 28, 2013, 6:10 PM ]
I am interested in finding more information about the "operation quick kick, November 24th-25th of 1956". My father piloted one of those 52s but I haven't been able to locate a roster of flight crew members. If this information is available please contact me at rio5211021@gmail.com. My father, whom is recently deceased, was Daniel W Riordan and retired from the Air Force as a Full Colonel with 32 years of service. My Dad really LOVED the USAF, the second time I actually saw him shed a tear was on the day he got discharged; BTW, the first time was when his mother died. Not to bore anyone but it sure was COLD in Loring. I still recall my mother telling me not to cry because the tears would freeze on my face, this as I am being motivated to get walking to Kindergarten.
THANKS for any assistance on my request.

Christopher Riordan

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10/25/2013 5:42:11 / Riordan, Christopher (rio5211021@gmail.com)